Benefits of LED Therapy for Dogs

By utilising the healing effects of a certain wavelength produced by our LED systems, we allow your pets to heal more effectively and regulate the symptoms of old age. When considering the benefits of LED therapy for dogs, consider that when applying red (633nm) and infrared light (830nm) and targeting different cells within the body, our products create an anti-inflammatory response.

Light Therapy has been studied and tested in hundreds of peer-reviewed clinical trials and has become very popular in Vet surgeries and now as a home-use product. View some sample papers available here.

How Do Our HeaLED Products Promote Health and Healing?

By combining red and infrared light, where each wavelength of light has a different penetration depth, we can reach deep within your pet’s tissue and stimulate an anti-inflammatory response. Our products stimulate blood flow and the circulation of lymphatic systems, which supports the healing process and leads to a higher degree of recovery.

By supporting these flows, our products ease muscular, skeletal, and joint pain. Using our products in conjunction with regular physical therapy and training can speed up the healing process while ensuring long-term benefits. For best results, we suggest using our systems 1-3 times per day, depending upon the severity of the complaint.

What Is Our Vision?

Healed Pets Australia seeks to first and foremost support pets but also help its owners take a proactive approach towards supporting a long and healthy life.

Support your pets with relief from aches and pains by applying the benefits of light therapy for dogs.

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Tested on humans for pets

Used for many years on human sufferers. This is a tried, tested and proven method of pain relief -

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For best results, use 1-3 times per day depending upon severity of the complaint.
HeaLED can be used in conjunction with all other treatment modalities and physical therapy.

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