Frequently Asked Questions

What About Red Light Therapy for Cats?

Although our dog leg brace for an ACL injury might sound exclusively fitting for canines, we stock a variety of sizes so that felines can also benefit from our therapy systems. Our dog leg brace is more than suitable for your cats, provided they are similar. Because our products, such as our leg wraps for dogs, are made well, we can promote health among all your pets.


Instead of settling for outdated products that do more harm than good, consider using our dog leg brace for effective arthritis treatment.

How do I calculate the size I need?

Our wraps and coats are adjustable with Velcro and easy to attach. For small pets (i.e. rabbits, cats, small dog breeds), choose Small and for medium to large dogs, choose the Large option.

How many treatments should I give?

For acute injuries and arthritis flare ups, use up to 3x per day. Can be used once per day for reducing stiffness and other general conditions and on multiple areas of the pet in one sitting, 10mins per area.

My dog has long dense fur. Will the LED light penetrate it?

If a pet has long or dense fur then lengthen the time to 20mins.

Does product need batteries, is the product rechargeable - or does it plug into the mains?

HeaLED is rechargeable and portable once charged.

Is there a warranty?

Please register your warranty. Under normal use this product is guaranteed for 2 years after its original purchase date against

How does it work?

Is the product approved?

The results of light therapy are cumulative – the longer and more regularly it is applied, the more efficacious the results. For optimal results, 3x treatments per day maximum for acute conditions and 3x treatments a week maintenance is recommended. For chronic conditions then use daily.

Where on the body can you use it?

HeaLED can be used almost anywhere on your pet's body as it is safe and non-invasive. Do not use directly over the eyes as the LEDs are very bright.

What is the recommended protocol?

1-3 times per day depending on severity of complaint.

What does it feel like?

Red and Infra-red light at these wavelengths do not emit heat so your pet will not usually experience any discomfort, instead it can feel therapeutic and relaxing.

Can it be used over bandages/dressings?

Yes, but beware not to add pressure to the wound, hold the light near the area and use 3 times per day to administer enough light.

Can I use it alongside medication/physio/physical therapy?

Yes. Light therapy is a safe and helpful treatment on its own or alongside any other treatments. If your pet is on medication, please consult a vet before using light therapy.

How is it different from Tens machines?

Tens uses electrical stimulation to block pain receptors, but does not directly aid healing, whereas light therapy improves and speeds up all aspects of the healing process.

Does it treat chronic pain? (Fibromyalgia/joint replacements/degeneration/tendinopathy)

Yes. The light reduces any inflammation but also helps blood flow, angiogenesis and proliferation of cells, helping joint health. It also has a therapeutic effect, giving you a sense of wellbeing and has been known to help with depression and SAD. HeaLED can be used for stressed or anxious pets to help them relax.

Why is it the best light device?

The HeaLED LED Pet Therapy Coat and Wrap is supported by over 30 years of research. It has been tested on humans and you can be confident it is a safe and effective treatment for your pet. Our wrap was one of the first flexible units on the market to cover all body areas and wrap around joints. It has the science to support it by using wavelengths of light (630/830nm) that are proven to stimulate the mitochondria (power generator) of every cell.

What if my pet chews the device?

Unfortunately as this is not caused from any manufacturing faults we are not able put it under warranty

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