Is Red Light Therapy Safe?

Is Red Light Therapy Safe?

If you’re talking about HeaLED Pets Red light therapy, then the answer is yes! 

No harmful UV rays are released from the devices, and it’s tested to an international standard guaranteeing eye safety. 

In fact, exposing your pets skin to this cool wavelength has been proven to have several beneficial effects on the skin. It’s a rejuvenation technique that works and is entirely painless and even relaxing. 

So if you’re concerned about LED light therapy dangers, keep reading to find out why HeaLEDs L.E.D. is a safe choice. 

What’s LED Light Therapy? 

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode—a type of light that (at certain wavelengths) is clinically proven to  speed up the healing processes and lead to a higher degree of recovery!

You might hear people talk about what “colour” they’re using on their skin, but it’s the frequency of light that matters. This is what’s able to penetrate through your skin and encourage regeneration on a cellular level.  

Simply shining a red light on your face won’t do the trick, and here’s why. LED Light Therapy helps improve the appearance of skin by altering cellular activity. 

Heres how it works, “The mitochondria (the “brain” of your cells) absorb the light. They become energised. And this energy encourages a process for these cells to think, act, look, and behave like younger cells. When these cells undergo mitosis [the name for cellular reproduction], it creates further similar cells.” 

In this article, we’re talking about the safety and benefits of the following frequencies used in HeaLED LED Therapy: 

  • Red light 630nm  
  • Near-infrared (NIR) light 830nm  

What Does Red Light Therapy Do? 

LED Therapy Skin Depth

If you’re wondering, “does light therapy work?”, we’ve got you covered! This is how each of the frequencies helps your Pets to heal! 

Red light benefits 

Red light (633nm) is visible to the naked eye. As well as boosting cell reproduction, it also activates fibroblasts for increased collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. Red light also increases blood circulation for better wound healing, increased oxygenation, and better delivery of nutrients. 

Near infra-red light benefits  

Near-infrared light is optimal for skin anti-ageing as it penetrates deeper than other wavelengths. You wouldn’t be able to see this light with a naked eye, but it’s combined in the LEDs in HeaLEDs L.E.D. with the red light. It’s responsible for your cells producing better quality offspring and deeper wound healing for skin and pain. It has also been shown to improve hair growth when combined with other therapies.  

“In comparison to blue or yellow light, these 2 light frequencies travel the deepest. It stimulates collagen at a deeper level, so you’re getting better results that last longer.” 

How Does Light Therapy Work?  

LED works by triggering your skin’s healing response to create customised regeneration, repair and rejuvenation! By utilising the healing effects of a certain wavelength produced by our LED systems, we allow your pets to heal more effectively and regulate the symptoms of old age. When considering the benefits of LED therapy for dogs, consider that when applying red (633nm) and infrared light (830nm) and targeting different cells within the body, our products create an anti-inflammatory response.




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