At-home LED Light Therapy: Does It Work?

At-home LED Light Therapy: Does It Work?

Spoiler alert: not only does LED Light Therapy work, but when used properly, you can get clinical-grade results at a fraction of the price!!

But what does that mean, and how does it work? We’re looking at the differences between the masks traditionally used in a clinical setting and at-home LED light therapy devices: HeaLEDs L.E.Ds ™.

Discover what some of the key differences are to make a choice that’s right for your skin.

How Does Light Therapy Work?

Quality at-home LED light therapy can relive athirst and muscle spasms, promotes the relaxation of muscle tissue, increases blood circulation, calms anxious
and nervous pets. 

By combining red and infrared light we are able to stimulate blood flow and the circulation of lymphatic systems, which speed up the healing process and leads to a higher degree of recovery! It’s a rejuvenation technique that works and is entirely painless and even relaxing!

Low Level Light Therapy  

The light sources used in rejuvenation light therapy are categorised as Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT). The low energy means the light is “non-thermal”, meaning it doesn’t cause thermal changes within the tissue. Don’t let the words “low energy” put you off, as this is relative to other laser sources that may be used for cutting or ablating—not something you want for your skin. 

It really means that the correct usage of HeaLEDs L.E.D. is safe, painless, well-tolerated, and effective for a wide range of skin/pain concerns!

Professional Red Light Therapy Devices

Professional light therapy devices tend to be larger machines in a set position in a clinic. You can choose a series of stand-alone red light therapy sessions.

What’s important to know is that HeaLEDs L.E.D. uses the very same type of red and near infrared light used in professional devices.

Weighing Up the Cost 

Cost is often part of the equation when deciding which wrap is right for you. It’s important to consider that the body (by its very nature) will continue to age. You’ll need a maintenance plan to continue to see improvements. In a professional setting, the initial treatment may consist of about 3–6 sessions spaced out weekly, with each session costing in the range of $100 +. 

With a portable device, you bring salon-worthy results into your home and can continue to use it ongoing for maintenance and top-ups whenever suits you.  

Red Light Therapy at Home 

Dog with red light therapy

One of the key differences between professional masks and the HeaLED L.E.D. Wrap is the distance they sits from your skin. In a professional mask, it could be anywhere from 10–15cms away from your skin. Thanks to the Inverse Square Law, we know that the further away the light sits from the skin, the less intense the light will be.

 light-weight, easy to use, flexible coats and wraps make it perfect for the lights to sit directly on your pets body for greater penetration of rejuvenating light. Plus, it’s all your pets (or yours) to use every day if you wish. 

If you’re looking for significant and ongoing results, the HeaLEDs L.E.D. range means you’ll be able to continue to benefit from the LED light for years to come. The reliable and durable masks come with a 2-year warranty!


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