• Bundle HeaLED Red Light Therapy

    The HeaLED Red Light Therapy Wrap is a home system to effectively aid your pet in both injury and performance management. This LED therapy wrap can help with injuries, arthritis, soreness, and aid lymphatic drainage, recovery. It’s a flexible wrap housing super bright LEDs. The wavelengths of these LEDS are known for their therapeutic effect on the tissue! 

  • Eileen and Hannah, UK

    Traumatic mid-diaphyseal comminuted fracture of the right tibia and transverse fracture of the mid-diaphysis of the fi bula. Fracture stabilised by bridging fi xation using a 12 hole 3.5mm LCP plate medially and a 16 hole 2.7mm LCP plate cranially.

    “The bone has healed nicely and she is doing so well. I am so pleased and hopefully Ella will be able to get back to her Agility competitions soon!”

  • Ella’s Story

    Ella’s recovery from a broken leg has been remarkable and owners, Eileen and Hannah are amazed by how quickly Ella’s injury has healed.

    “I do believe that the light therapy has played an important part in Ella’s progress. The bruising and swelling went quickly after starting the daily light treatment.”At her 9 week post-operation check up the vets and orthopedic surgeons used the words; ‘outstanding recovery’. Hannah couldn’t recommend HeaLED enough to all her friends and family.