The Science

Using red and infrared light emitting diodes, it works with the body’s natural processes to help tissue repair and reduce pain and discomfort.

Each wavelength of light has a different depth of penetration. This makes them beneficial for different conditions.

Light Therapy has been studied and tested in hundreds of peer-reviewed clinical trialsand has become very popular in Vet surgeries and now as a home-use product. View some sample papers available here.

Clinically Proven Wavelengths

Each wavelength, or color of light stimulates a specific skin response.

Red (633nm)and Infrared light(830nm)target different cells within the body and work synergistically to create an anti-inflammatory response in the body. They also target the repairing and wound healing cells to help alleviate pain quicker and help the body to recover.

Tested on humans for pets

Used for many years on human sufferers. This is a tried, tested and proven method of pain relief - view

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